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Merry Christmas - Meaningful Celebration….

Merry Christmas Stafford!

We continued our journey of goodwill this Christmas 🎄.

Our small businesses united to serve MHA Weston & Queensway nursing home, Oulton Abbey Care Home & Katherine House Hospice Stafford. (32 key workers)

BUT With more businesses working hand in hand to spread love and care for our town.

Today our mission was propelled by;

Waggon & Horses Stafford with J2Os

Stafford International Supermarket with Goodies to take home

D’s Delicious Stafford with Desserts

And we delivered food on the house as usual.

The smiles in them faces were a treat to watch. Small acts like this can go a long way. None of these small businesses couldn’t have done this without you supporting them to grow in these turbulent times.

Shop local and they sure will return something back to our town.

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year Folks…

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